Tuesday, June 9, 2009

the right marathon

For the past week I've spent what feels like every free moment I've had researching marathons. I never imagined I'd have so much trouble choosing my first. I thought running the race was supposed to be the hard part!

There are so many factors to consider.
- Course (flat, flat, flat!)
- Date (ideally Late Sept - Early Nov)
- Number of other racers (not too big, but not too small)
- Location (i live in colorado so will be training at elevation...bonus points for sea level races and locales where ill have a nice big cheering section)
- Running buddies (Depending on which race I choose, my older sister is considering running with me. HUGE PLUS to have her struggling through it with me!)
- Reviews from past runners re: weather, volunteers, organization (marathonguide has been a HUGE help)

All of that said, I've narrowed my list to a few east coast races I'm really looking into.
Toronto Waterfront Marathon - Sept 27
Toronto Marathon - Oct 18
Niagara Falls Marathon - Oct 25
OBX Outerbanks Marathon - Nov 8

Stay tuned to see which race I choose. And of course, if you have any thoughts or suggestions, do share!

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