Wednesday, June 3, 2009

gym rat

I've always loved exercise. The high after a great run, the burn in your booty while climbing the stairmaster, the second day soreness after an intense lifting session. It doesn't get any better. At least not to me. And through the years no matter how my food choices have changed, my regular need for exercise has never ceased to fail me. Exercise is my drug of choice and for that I am grateful.

But just like anyone else I get bored pretty easy, so mixing up my routine from day to day is very important. I hate doing the same type of cardio two days in a row, so I don't. I'm really enjoying the routine I've been doing for the past few weeks. It gives me a little something different each day.

Of course, as I begin my marathon training this schedule will evolve to include a great deal more running. But for the time being it is working out pretty well.

Monday:45 minutes of Core Central (all over body lifting/cardio class); 15 minute Abs class
Tuesday: 12-20 minutes Stairmaster; 30-40 minutes Interval Elliptical Training; Abs
Wednesday: 4.5-5.5 miles Interval Running; 60 minute Yoga Class
Thursday: 60 minutes of Cardio Kickboxing
Friday: Free day!
Saturday: 60 minutes of Cardio Kickboxing
Sunday: 6-7 mile easy run outside

And there you have it.

In closing this evening I'd like to leave you with this - Today at the gym I overheard a girl bragging about how she'd been there since 4 p.m. It was 8:45 p.m. Now I'm all about getting in a good workout everyday, but 5 hours at the gym seems a bit extreme to me. What do you think? Is 5 hours too much time to spend at the gym?

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