Tuesday, June 16, 2009

eating bender

Do you ever have one of those weekends where you go a little crazy? Eat a little too much, drink a little too much, party a little too hard? Well lets just say I had one of those weekends.
It started off great. I woke early on Saturday morning and went for a nice 7 mile run before hitting the road for a good friend's wedding in the mountains. Boy how things changed...

I took a little too much time getting ready and ended up being a bit late picking up a few friends I offered to drive up, so in place of a full meal I just grabbed a SuperFood Odwalla Bar to eat on the way. Check out the gorgeous views on the drive:

The Odwalla bar kept me satisfied for a few hours, but by the time the ceremony was over at about 3 p.m. I was about ready to chew my arm off. So in between the service and the reception we decided to meet up with a few other friends for a drink and some apps. And lets just say the menu selection was a bit... limited. After three deep fried pita chips and some not so great spinach artichoke dip I decided I'd rather wait until the reception and see what I could find there. This also meant I was drinking my first glass of red wine on a pretty empty stomach and at an elevation of 9,000 feet might I add.
There was a gorgeous cheese and fruit display at the reception, so I snacked on some berries and grapes before dinner. Of course I forgot to take pictures. Doh!

I had another glass of wine while we chatted and waited for the bridal party to arrive and dinner to be served. The dinner spread was great. Sit down salads and then a buffet including chicken, tenderloin with mushrooms, asparagus, roasted potatoes and fresh bread. I had a little taste of everything but must admit was on to my third glass of wine, so didnt really eat all that much.

I did, however, enjoy an amazing piece of lemon wedding cake and a big portion of the chocolate raspberry too. I am a cake fan. What else can I say?

After the wedding we headed to the local watering hole and I enjoyed a couple late night beers to finish off a pretty awesome night.

As you can suspect in the morning I was a hurting girl. And when we got to the breakfast buffet I walked right past the fresh fruit and headed stratight for the greasy section: breakfast burrito-like concoction, sausage, crossaint, banana bread. That buffet was quite possibly my biggest mistake all weekend. It sure did taste good going down, but it had my stomach in knots the whole drive home. I had a hearty bagel with almond butter and some fruit Sunday evening, but when I woke the morning after my stomach was still hurting pretty bad.

I'm finally starting to feel more like myself today, now that I've had a full two days to recover. But wow! I don't think I'll be doing anything like that again anytime soon. This weekend was definitely a learning experience for me. It sure has made me appreciate my body and realize what a difference good wholesome foods can make.

Even with the stomach issues it was an amazing weekend! So full of love and laughter and happiness. Here's me and the BEAUTIFUL bride:

But the next time I have a weekend trip like this one you can bet I'll be picking the fruit and granola over the sausage gravy. No contest.

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